Most frequent questions and responses to the Forever Living Products business start:

Questions having business with Forever

Do I have to be able to sell?
No, knowledge of sales or distribution is not required.

Is there training and courses? And what does it cost?
We offer you the best training at our expense. Should maintenance arrangements or hotel costs at training events emerge, these will alternatively be forwarded to the participants (max 50,00 Euro). Training sessions take place in the areas of Product and Marketing.

Are there registration or administration fees?
No, none.

Do I have to maintain a goods storage facility?
Forever Living delivers your order within just a few days, making stock maintenance unnecessary. Practice has shown that it is advantageous to keep a few products on hand to test and demonstrate.

Which qualities should I bring along?
You should pursue your goals clearly and be prepared to work constantly and consistently for your success. You should enjoy contact with pleasant people and be a positive person.

How do I start my business?
Convince yourself at no risk of the quality of the Forever products; i.e. use the products yourself. Speak with us personally where we prepare an action & schedule plan together. Then the collaboration begins. We show you how, you imitate it. The success is certain.

Who are my customers?
Everybody who brushes their teeth, washes their hair, uses lotion, eats and who wants to do all of that on a natural and healthy basis. You can additionally distribute to commercial service businesses such as doctors, non-medical practitioners, massage therapists, sports and fitness centers, clubs, associations, restaurants, cosmetic and tanning studios, hair and nail studios, veterinarians and animal breeders.

Can I advertise, and if so, how?
Of course, you may draw attention to your business and products through advertisement.

May I also sell to retail?
No, classical retail is taboo for us.

Why is so much money earned with Forever Living?
Because Forever Living Products avoids the classic distribution channels, wholesale, retail, advertisement, etc. and pays the money saved here to you in the form of commissions, bonus payments, car program and free-of-charge travel.

Can I sell my Forever business or leave it to my heirs?
Of course.

Is there a sales obligation?

Am I still starting my Forever business at a good time?
Naturally. Forever is growing every year since 1978, we have now reached 1% of our revenue potential. There is still much to do - and to gain.

Are there experience reports and references?
Yes, we have around one million experience reports and reference documents from distribution partners and product users. In addition, we have numerous books containing reports about product experiences.

What happens to my Forever business if I relocate or resettle abroad?
No problem. Your Forever business currently moves with you to 164 countries around the world. Forever Living Products maintains its own branches in about 158 countries, all eager to help you operate your business abroad.

Do I have to purchase goods to join?
There is no 'have to', but we recommend having a couple of products to demonstrate them to your friends and try them by yourself.

How will I be supported?
We place a successful partner at your side who works together with you so that your success is certain. Additionally, you can attend courses and training sessions and you are always a welcome guest at meetings.

May I place advertisements?
Yes. The company provides you a lot of material. If you want to create your own material you can do that, but it has to be approved by Forever to avoid mistakes.

How much time should I invest?
From 10-15 hours per week, your Forever Living business will be interesting.

Can my spouse work with me?
Of course.

What can I realistically earn after 2 months?
This depends on your personal effort, how much hours you will work in your new business, your character, your skills and some luck.

How does the future of Forever look?
Like I wrote above: we are growing every year. From the 164 countries we are working in there are some growing faster than other but the market of natural products will grow in the future even faster than now. There are always more person who wants to take care of themselves in a natural way.

Do I have territorial protection?
You can operate your Forever business throughout 164 countries in the world. Without limits. That means that you do not have a territorial protection but this is an advantage for you: you can go to live in another place whenever you want without asking or sell our product to a friend that is living 700 km from your home.
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Do I have customer protection?
If you give your customer a Forever ID - Number and he or she is registered with the number at Forever Living, then YES.

Do I have to register a business?
That depends on the tax rules in your country.

Where are the courses given?
In every large domestic and foreign city and also online with webinars or zoom conferences.

How do I inform interested parties abroad?
Forever Information material is available in almost every language, and further, your interested party can attend information events abroad free-of-charge.
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