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Unlimited customer potential: Private and company customers in 158 countries in the world.

THESE DAYS, DISTRIBUTION HAS A DECISIVE SIGNIFICANCE, since it is said that, "The customer is king", as Harvard professor Theodore Levitt formulated his famous statement. All sectors of business are attempting to become closer to the customer in order to find out what needs he or she has and how these needs can best be satisfied.
Playing a leading role in this new customer revolution are direct sales channels over which consumer articles and services can be sold directly to the customer instead of via the stationery shop. Forever is a leading power in the world of direct sales, as it uses a distribution network of self-employed individuals to find customers and move products.

Forever business opportunity worldwideThe Fundamental in Forever Business

You use the products yourself, you become convinced and enthusiastic, you recommend the products to other people and earn the retail spread. Where it is profitable to earn money via customer sales, enthusiasm and motivational power emerge - these stand behind the Forever business-, with the possibility of developing a marketing structure over which people earn commissions on their network sales. Commissions are the main source of profit for Forever distribution partners. That distinguishes this business opportunity from that of a limited and not-very-exciting normal income such as that of a traditional distributor or an employee and allows it to become an explosive career with unlimited income potential.

Commissions are the main source of profit for our distribution partners.

Why should you get involved?   

1. Money

Second job of full time business of your ownMany people regard money as something that one does not talk about - but money has a purpose, and we would all like to have more of it. The art is to be able to earn money in an enjoyable way. Forever Living Products offers you here a highly enjoyable way to earn an income.

The overwhelming majority of Forever distribution partners (over 90 percent) work on a part-time basis and want to improve their lifestyle. The effective strength of the Forever business is demonstrated in the fact that it can improve the lifestyle in providing the average citizen with more money for his or her lifestyle in the form of a greater net income.


working with Forever means more freedom to life and work where you want With us you can choose how much, in which way, WHERE, with whom and when you want to work!!! Imagine!

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